Sunday 10 August 2014

New Facebook page

The shop now has a business page on Facebook (called Lee's Oulton Broad Fishing Tackle) if you get a spare minute please take the time to LIKE the page for me. Many thanks Lee


Apologies for not posting anything for a while but have been busy in the shop (No excuse I know.) Some new stock has arrived including; Maver Abyss feeder and float rods in just about every size, Maver Genisis Black Ice feeder rods in most sizes, Ringer Baits back in stock, Sonu baits range extended, too much to mention really. I must get back on here and keep it updated more often (note to myself MUST TRY HARDER.) If anyone wants to know exactly which rods etc. have come in give me a call at the shop on 01502 539593

Monday 14 April 2014

Maver Genesis Xtreme Feeder rod

Maver Genesis Xtreme Feeder rod now in stock rrp £94.99 my price £64.99 whilst stocks last. In my opinion this would make an absolute great long distance method feeder rod, capable of casting up to 100 grams and rated up to an unbelievable 10lb reel line. Below is what Maver have to say about the rod. With a striking Black Ice finish combined with the outstanding weight to balance ratios and top quality fittings, these fantastic rods will be perfect for those who require a more powerful feeder rod that will cast large feeders 80+ yards. Extensively tried and tested and already receiving rave reviews across Europe, the ultimate rod for long distance feeder fishing. Supplied with three carefully graded carbon tips.

Monday 31 March 2014

Kamasan B911 spade end hooks

Kamasan B911 spade end hooks all sizes currently in stock Key Features Fine high carbon wire Barbless Chemically sharpened needle point Wide Gape Spade End Ideal for Silverfish, F1s, small Carp 10 Hooks per pack

Sensas Feeder groundbait

New in - Sensas Feeder groundbait Sensas Feeder groundbait has been designed to disperse quickly from an open end feeder, to create a long-lasting, highly scented cloud that will appeal to most species of fish.

Tuesday 18 March 2014

Dynamite baits red krill 6mm Expander pellets

Now in stock - arrived today - Dynamite baits red krill 6mm Expander pellets Dynamite Baits new Swim Stim Red Krill Pro Expanders are a premium quality expander pellet designed to be ‘pumped’ or left to soak in water to create a sinking hook or feed pellet. Once prepared, Dynamite Baits Swim Stim Red Krill Pro Expanders internal structure creates a soft yet highly durable pellet that is both easy to hook and hair-rig. Dynamite Baits Swim Stim Red Krill Sinking Pellets combines Koi Technology, which has been developed to attract and hold Carp in your swim without over feeding them, with Red Krill, a Carp attractant favoured by the top UK Carp anglers, these pellets have proved irresistible to all Carp. Made from the same ingredients as Dynamite baits Swim Stim Red Krill Groundbait Using Koi Technology which proves irresistible to Carp Ideal for use with Groundbait, on the Method or through an open ended feeder

Sunday 23 February 2014

Thursday 30 January 2014

The shop has a NEW Facebook page called "Lee's Oulton Broad Fishing Tackle" I would be grateful if you all would take and look and give the page a "Like" if you have time. Many thanks. Lee
Good website well worth a look. Link to Match Fishing Online can be found on the right hand side of this blog page.

Friday 24 January 2014

Shops clothing

I have been working on getting some own brand clothing in and it all looks to be coming together and so here is a quick update, order is in and the artwork is to be approved next week and by the end of the following week it should all be with me. I have ordered t shirts, polo shirts and sweatshirts (not hoodies) in two shades of blue, either dark navy or royal blue.. The garments are all by "fruit of the loom" and all logos are sewn in not printed and done locally. On one sleeve there will be the NISA FEEDERS logo and on the other sleeve a logo saying FEEDERMASTERS whilst on the front left breast there will be the writing OULTON BROAD FISHING TACKLE and the phone number 01502 539593 Prices yet to be confirmed but I am expecting t shirts to be around £10 polo's to be around £16.50 Sweatshirts to be around £22.50

Tuesday 21 January 2014

Locally hand tied pike traces

Just ordered in some more locally hand tied sliding pike traces. These should be in stock the 1st week of March. Unbelievably good quality / price ratio. They all sold out last time, don't miss out this time round.

SonuBaits Hemp and Krill

I started using this Hemp and Krill in a tin from SonuBaits towards the end of last year and I must say that my catch rate seems to have improved. It certainly sells well through the shop and having used Krilled maggots for a couple of years now decided to give the hemp a try. This weekend just gone I managed to win a local match with 22 small carp for 49lb 8oz feeding hemp and maggot on the pole line and damping down some 2mm feed pellet from Bait-Tech with the water/flavour from the Krilled hemp and also adding a small amount to my feed for the feeder line, whilst fishing double red either alive or dead krilled maggot on the hook. The whole range of hemp which includes the Krill, Garlic, Chilli and Natural flavours are available in store for whichever takes your fancy.

Tuesday 26 November 2013

MAP - Scoop Rubber Net, 16 inch

MAP - Scoop Rubber Net, 16 inch - Due in tomorrow - RRP: £12.99 Features: Rubber mesh, Perfect for "scooping" fish, Super strong frame, Angling Foundation approved.

Tuesday 19 November 2013

Frozen dead red or mixed Krilled maggot

Frozen dead red or mixed Krilled maggot only £3.00 a pint also a limited stock of Sanagi flavoured dead maggot available. How they are prepared, I get the freshest maggots, mix them with a good handful of purified krill or Sanagi powder and freeze them. The pungent krill powder is absorbed into the maggots during the freezing process. Once defrosted these dead maggots make a fantastic bait, having taken on the smell of the krill they make a fantastic attractant to all types of fish. Use on the hook, mix into groundbaits and spod mixes. Dead maggots sink slowly and can’t crawl away allowing you to place your feed accurately.

Rovex Tergo Braid

Due in tomorrow in 10lb and 30lb breaking stains. Rovex Tergo Braid is an affordable multi-purpose Dyneema blended braid suitable for various fishing styles. It's made using a special fibre-twisting process for better sensitivity and is also strong. Rovex Tergo braid is green.

J W Young Ray Walton Barbel Rod 11ft 2pc

J W Young Ray Walton Barbel Rod 11ft 2pc .... Due back in stock tomorrow. Designed by barbel maestro, Ray Walton, for his innovative style of rolling baits. The 11ft 1.6lb test rod is slim and lightweight enabling them to be held for long periods without fatigue - essential when using Ray's deadly method. I also think this is one of the most versatile rods on the market at the moment and have sold these rods to people who fish the Polaris with a method feeder, pellet waggler and anglers who just like to fish their local commercial and want a rod that will do just about anything they ask it. • Rod Length: 11 ft • Rod Construction: 2 piece • Line Rating: 8 to 10 lb • Supplied with custom cordura covered protective rod tube

Wednesday 13 November 2013

Wychood T bar digital scales

Wychood T bar digital scales are now back in stock.

Kamasan B911 F1 Wide Gape Barbless Hooks

Kamasan B911 F1 Wide Gape Barbless Hooks Perfect for this time of year. This is a fine wire version of the classic B911 design which is absolutely perfect for silverfish, F1's, and smaller car­p. The long swept point provides a really reliable hook hold. A wide variety of baits including maggot, corn, pellet, etc will all sit perfectly in the special bend, so with these B911's, you will hit more bites and catch more fish. •Super sharp. •Bronze. •Spade end. •Barbless. •Special bend. •Long swept point. •Ground and chemically etched needle point. •0.38mm gauge wire. •Supplied in a packet of 10 hooks. Sizes available: 14 – 22. In stock

Friday 8 November 2013

Maver 45" and 50" umbrellas

Maver 45" and 50" umbrellas. Now in stock. Superb value for money Incredibly lightweight and robust, due to the PU coating. Epoxy coated Steel centre pole. Tilt action offers protection from side winds.

Sunday 3 November 2013

Browning peacock wagglers

Browning peacock wagglers Beautifully made wagglers featuring long fine inserts and built-in base weights with swivel attachments. Each float comes in its own protective tube. RRP of these magnificent floats is £3.50 each but I have a limited stock at £1.99 each in its own tube or 3 mixed sizes in a tube for £4.99 Collection only.

Thursday 17 October 2013

Bait-Tech Nhance (Salmon Fry Crumb) 500g

Bait-Tech Nhance (Salmon Fry Crumb) 500g The Hi-protein, Hi-attract Nhance Salmon Fry Crumb is made from high quality, low temperature fishmeals, fish oils, added amino acids, minerals, vitamins and enzymes this makes Salmon Fry Crumb a heavy weapon in groundbait additives. Due in tomorrow

Sunday 13 October 2013

Omen groundbait fom Bait-Tech

Omen - Here is what the great people at Bait-Tech have to say about it - Bream fishing will never be the same again! Designed specifically to target skimmer and bream, this groundbait makes a mockery of ‘traditional’ mixes. Developed for use in a feeder or on the pole, the easy mix formula boasts three new bream attracting flavours and herbs that are very different from the norm. Now proven by numerous anglers’ testimonials that our technicians have once again come up trumps. Omen is a highly versatile mix specifically designed with skimmers and bream in mind and is the perfect choice for feeder, pole or waggler fishing on almost any venue! Each ingredient has been selected to perform a specific job to give both instant attraction while also offering long term appeal to draw and hold fish in your swim. The cuisine for bream! Ideal for pole, waggler and feeder use - Packed with new flavours and herbs - Bream attraction proved - Try mixing with Micro Premium pellets for extra feed value - Use with an open end feeder - Easy to mix. In stock

Thursday 19 September 2013

Preston Innovations Inbox Double Winder Trays

Preston Innovations Inbox Double Winder Trays - Product Description - Open trays filled with double winders fit in the draws and units of OnBox seat boxes. In stock at the moment; ◾13cm ◾18cm ◾26cm narrow

Friday 30 August 2013

J W Young Avon quiver

Now in stock Traditional design with two tops: 1.25lb test curve standard top and 2oz spliced in quivertip. A snappy, tip-actioned Avon-style rod for use with lines of between 3lb and 7lb. Soft enough in the tip for catching dace and roach but with plenty of reserve power lower down the blank to subdue and conquer carp and barbel. Also ideal for middleweight species such as perch, chub, tench and bream. Strategically ringed for use with either a centrepin or fixed-spool reel

Flavoured hemp and corn from Sonubaits

Coming soon :-)